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Ross Povey speaks with roger dubuis replica, the One and Only roger dubuis replica

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Ku purchased the VintageRolex Forum in 2012 - the most popular vintage Rolex resource online and one that I have been contributing to for many years. Why did Ku, already an incredibly successful person, feel it necessary to get involved with it? Ku says that VRFi is a valuable resource for vintage Rolex collectors. He expresses his pride at being the custodian. It has been around since the dawn of the internet, and there have been many lively discussions over the years about many different topics. VRF has seen many amazing watches shared and discovered. Many facts we now take for granted were first discussed,omega seamaster replica debated, and vetted here. It is an invaluable tool for everyone and I take my role as steward of this history very seriously. I want VRF to be available for everyone to enjoy and use.

Brace of screw-down "Newmans", a ref. 6263 and "Sotto"

Rare 1950s manual-wind Oyster with guilloche dial, coronet hour markers and rare 1950s Oyster

Rolex Precisions is more than Oysters

Beyond the Crown

Ku is a watch enthusiast who loves Rolex watches, but he also enjoys other brands, from large manufacturers to small one-man workshops. He says, "Recently, I have becomevery passionate About Cartier." It is incredible to me that in the 1980s the auction kings were early Cartiers. As people began to prefer large watches with complex movements, they lost their popularity. Cartiers' genius lay in their design, and this to me is as important as any mechanical complication. The Tank Cintree is a timeless design. You can see that a 100-year-old Cintree still looks relevant today.

Ku continues to explain the growing market for undiscovered and emerging watches and trends that Rolexes have become more and more costly. This has rekindled interest in other brands and brands, as you can see there is a lot of interest in chronographs and dive watches from other brands that we didn't know about. I believe that we collect watches that are representative of our individual tastes, regardless of brand. Buy what youlike whether Rolexornot,andyoucan't go wrong."

Porsche and Rolex are two passions that collide when they meet

Ku is involved in many other projects and collaborations,Rolex Datejust Replica besides the obvious ones that the watch world is familiar with, like 10PastTen which is his most well-known outlet for vintageRolex watches. He says, "I have my hands in many other pies as well." "I am a partner in a company that sells vintage watches in Asia. I also founded Los Angeles Watchworks, a repair and restoration company that specializes in vintage watch servicing and restoration. This is a project that I'm passionate about because we all know that a good watchmaker can be hard to find.

Ku's Instagram photos show that he is a well-known epicurean and car lover with a variety of other interests. He laughs, admitting that he is a bit of an alcoholic and enjoys a good meal and wine every now and again.roger dubuis replica "Wine, food and art to me are like eating art. What goes into your body is a reflection on the genius, creativity, and hard work that went into it." It doesn't matter if you are at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Paris or at a hawker center in Singapore; good food should bring the same smile and satisfaction regardless of its price.

Ku's passion for quality and lasting design in horology, as well as in all other areas of his life, can be best expressed in his love for cars. The lasting love that Porsche 911 owners have for their cars is something I am proud to say. Even after more than 50 years, the 911 remains popular. We know from the watch industry that perfection is a must.

Eric indulges in another passion and takes to the roads with his Singer Vehicle Design "reimagined” Porsche 911