, , , , , Sebastian Vivas takes us behind the scenes of the new Replica Rolex Datejust Museum

Sebastian Vivas takes us behind the scenes of the new Replica Rolex Datejust Museum

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The building itself was the real challenge.Omega Replica Watches It had to feel grand and complex while still respecting the environment. Vivas admits that they asked for the impossible. We asked for an iconic building that everyone can recognize and recall, while being respectful of the quiet environment and local architecture.

Vivas chuckles sheepishly and says, "I thought no one would do that." The Bjarke Ingels Group [BIG] idea was brilliant. They didn't build a building; they made it part the landscape. It is part of the landscape that you can recognize and admire. It is positioned lower than the old building so it doesn't compete with it. It is very well-articulated."

BIG designed the spiral pavilion that blends into the natural surroundings of Le Brassus.

A visit to the Atelier

BIG's spiral pavilion is high-concept and rises above the ground. It has walls of structural curved glass which support a steel roof. A brass mesh runs along its outer edge to regulate temperature and light.Replica Watches The green roof helps regulate temperature and absorbs water. It blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. Nothing seems out of place or out of place in the remote valley of Le Brassus. It would be hard to believe that this museum has been there since the beginning.

Every tour inside the museum is accompanied by the watchmakers. After convergent towards the center of the spiral, the Grandes Complications and Metiers d'Art Ateliers are found, the curved glass walls move in the opposite direction. The Universelle (1899), the most complex watch Replica Rolex Datejust has ever made, is located in the center of the spiral. It is surrounded by astronomical and chiming watches.

The Universelle is surrounded by Audemars Pigot's astronomical and chiming watches.

If you can only see, but cannot touch or feel the objects, it won't make it a true museum experience. The Musee Atelier Replica Rolex Datejust is now a unique space for learning and discovery. Atelier Bruckner, a German museum designer, has made it possible for guests to see the 300 watches that span over two centuries of watchmaking. They also have the opportunity to learn some of the techniques Replica Rolex Datejust refers to as its heritage, such as circular graining and satin brushing.

The glass spiral is connected to the historic house.Replica Rolex Datejust This restored building of stone and ancient woodwork now houses the Restoration Atelier, which can be found on the top floor. Here, a few highly skilled watchmakers will restore antique timepieces back to their original condition. In the basement vaulted of the building you will find immersive exhibitions that show how the brand lives its values today.