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Expert Witness and Non-Executive Directorships

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Under the Expert Witness and Non-Executive Directorships heading I provide the following services:

Valuation of life polices
Valuation of Reversionary interests
Valuation of life settlements
Expert witness in Insurance company or Pension Disputes
Solvency II compliant Non-executive directorships for insurance companies either in the UK or Europe
Insurance company redress following mis-selling or mis-represenation

10 Nov 2015
Case Study 1 - Part VII transfer
Peter Gatenby advised a group of policyholders on a proposed Part VII transfer of the business of the insurance company that they were policyholders of into the parent insurance company. They were worried that their security was being adversely affected by the transfer. We took the case through to the Court Hearing and one of the policyholders and Peter Gatenby spoke at the hearing on behalf of the wider policyholder group. The transfer was sanctioned by the judge.

A comment from the client

"You have always been professional and positive. You worked hard to help us. It was only a pity that we were unable to persuade the judge."
10 Nov 2015
Case study 2 - Valuing a life insurance policy
Peter Gatenby Consulting advised a client who had obtained an unrealistic and unreasonable surrender value for a low cost whole of life policy for which she had paid premiums of over £240,000 and yet received a surrender value quotation of only £100,500 after the policy had been in place for 14 years. Our valuation of the policy was £375,000. The client's lawyers are now pursuing this case with the insurer.

A comment from the client: 

"I should like to take this opportunity to thank you for dealing with this matter so quickly, I do appreciate it."
10 Nov 2015
Non-executive director
Peter Gatenby Consulting has an extensive database of expereinced individuals looking for non-executive director (NED and iNED) roles.

Peter Gatenby is an NED of STM Life in Gibraltar as well as chairing the Risk and Compliance Committee.
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Expert Witness and
Non-Executive Directorships